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Are you tired of lifting water bottles?
Do you think you are paying to much for bottled water?
Does bottled water taste flat and stale?

What if we can reduce your bottled water cost by at least 50%, improve overall taste and eliminate the lifting 50 lb bottles?

Call 817-235-6253


  "We offer a more cost effective, safer, and healthier drinking water solution to that of plastic bottled water" .

                    *     ELIMINATES LIFTING 50 lb. water bottles

                    *     Filtered water tastes better, guaranteed!!!! Not stale like bottled water

                    *     In an average office of 10 employees, we are 50% less expensive than bottled water 

                    *     Bottled Water coolers, water fountains are breeding grounds for harmful germs and bacteria
                    *     Hot, Cold, Room temperature water



We have drinking water solutions for offices and warehouses of all sizes  starting at $35.00 per month . Contact us at 817-235-6253 for more info and a FREE OFFICE EVALUATION  

The Six Stage Water Purification Process

1.  Sediment Filter
     Removes particles such as dirt, silt, rust and pipe residue
2.  Pre-Carbon Filter
     Removes Chlorine, chemicals, and pesticides
3)UF ("Ultra fine") Eliminates the need for Reverse Osmosis

4.  Post Carbon filter restores the taste of Pure Water after Reverse Osmosis
5.  Sanitization - ITS (In Tank Sanitization) uses a UV light inside of the stainless steel tank that eliminates 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria
6. BioCote- Is a medical grade anti microbial compound that protects the outside machine surface from germs and bacteria that are airborne and transferred by human contact





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