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  "We offer a more cost effective, safer, and healthier drinking water solution to that of plastic bottled water" .

                    *     Biocote Anti Microbial helps to protect you from human contact germs
                    *     We purify your water source to that of bottled water quality
                    *     In an average office of 10 employees, we are 50% less expensive than bottled water 
                    *     Bottled Water coolers, water fountains are breeding grounds for harmful germs and bacteria 
                    *     Hot, Cold, Room temperature and Sparkling water
                    *     FIREWALL is a UV light kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria while dispensing water
                    *     No more lifting 50 lb bottles


We have 12 drinking water solutions for offices and warehouses of all sizes  starting at $29.95 per month . We also carry the Follette Brand of chewable ice solutions for your office needs. Contact us at 817-235-6253 for more info and a FREE OFFICE EVALUATION  

The Six Stage Water Purification Process

1.  Sediment Filter
     Removes particles such as dirt, silt, rust and pipe residue
2.  Pre-Carbon Filter
     Removes Chlorine, chemicals, and pesticides
3.  Reverse Osmosis/UF Membrane
     Removes oil metals, solids, arsenic, etc.  RO filter size: .0001  
     UF filter size: .01 micron 
4.  Post Carbon filter restores the taste of Pure Water after Reverse Osmosis
5.  Sanitization - ITS (In Tank Sanitization) uses a UV light inside of the stainless steel tank that eliminates 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria
6. BioCote- Is a medical grade anti microbial compound that protects the outside machine surface from germs and bacteria that are airborne and transferred by human contact
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